Short stories and romans


Nuria: muy bueno lo que escribiste. Felicitaciones. 
 Rodolfo Compte, escritor/periodista, Buenos Aires.


The fluidity of your writing has captured the expectant nature of the incident so well and the music adds so much more to the reading experience. Simply brilliant. Cresco eBooks


‘Between drizzle and hate’ The main character, Malu, is a non-conventional woman. That gives a special strength to the story. The plot is very interesting. It is a story of suffering and resilience. Manolo Yague, docent creative writing, Spain.


‘Dazed Love’ It’s an engaging story. It’s sensual and it’s sad too. You made a daily simple scenery become interesting and attractive. The music suits the story as well.  Luana Nunes, Rio de Janeiro.


This sounds like a truly amazing book that I am looking forward to reading…it intrigues the reader to find out about the resilience of these three women…the need for friendship during times of rape, murder and abuse are paramount. Cortina Jackson, author. 

Firstly, I want to say congratulations to Ms. Arteaga on the writing of this book… Visuals always add to the story and help the readers relate….I also like the authors definition of ‘Love” I could not have said it any better myself. Jacqueline Carr, author.

In writing her story, the author bravely departs from traditional formula fiction to engage the auditory senses through music and an embedded video to engage the visual senses as she shares her character’s often tragic life experiences. A trio of thought provoking profiles of women from different walks of life and their struggles to survive. KB Schaller, winner 2014 International book award, Women’s issues.


Nuria with a remarkable oeuvre, offer us, those original tableaus around the migration topic that the Peruvian Literaire Art was waiting for… Very well written, the stories have a beautiful ambiance (mainly Europe); a series of dramatic, emotional and erotic events (mainly in the second part of the book), main characters depicted in a unique way…interesting dialogues and narrative voices… detailed description developed with such craft that the reader will appreciate and above and most important, it has such an originality about the issue, that it is the dream of the current story tellers of Latin migration in Europe. Jorge Ramos Cabezas, Literature critic.