From Lima, Peru to The Netherlands

Nuria was born at Lima, Peru where she went to  “El Nino Peruano” primary school and “Cultura Moderna” high school. She was raised by her mother from Peruvian origin and her step-father an African American sailor who was responsible for her bi-lingual education and introduced her to reading and writing. Her pen name Nuria Garcia Arteaga is to honor her stepfather and her grandmother on mother’s side.  

After marrying a Dutch diplomat she moved to Quito, Ecuador and subsequently to Santiago Chile. In both countries she studied psychology and graduated at the Catholic University graduating as Labor and organizational Psychologist in 1981.  

She also followed a M.A. on International studies at Universidad de Chile at Santiago.

In 1982, when the marriage ended, she and her sons moved to The Netherlands. She re-married and had two more sons.

Nuria has worked  in the field of arts, culture and multiple intelligences in Holland and in Peru.