"Latin American women are like their nations, some self-destruct, others are destroyed and a few survive".

While working in the Netherlands she outlined the plot for  “La maratón del amor” -“Love marathon”. 

The Trilogy was published in Spanish on December 2013.

Nuria has also published –in Spanish- for free download one of the short stories included in the Trilogy

Books, short stories and musicals

She is currently working on three more books and describes her work as follows: 

The trilogy ‘Love marathon’ is about women and emotions. The second focus on men and addictions, it will be published in English.

The third converge on multinationals and environment and will be published in Dutch. The fourth book calls attention to migrants living in New York and Puerto Rico.

One of the short stories included in the collection “The age of Aquarius” –La era de Acuario-, that was awarded with the “Gabriela Mistral” at Santiago Chile, “Dazed Love” can be read in Spanish and English at iTunes:

Between 1996 and 2012, Nuria has written six musicals in the framework of preventing inter-ethnic violence amongst youths in The Netherlands and to increase values and counter work corruption in Peru.

Her work as musician/producer and performer can be found at Soundcloud

Nuria Garcia Arteaga is divorced and lives in Leiden, The Netherlands. 

Cover of the volumes that form Trilogy "The Love marathon"

Honours & Awards

Nuria has been writing since ‘she could hold a pencil’. At ten years old she received  the second prize at a national schools competition for short tales based on the Inca culture.

At thirty three years old she received two more awards: “Fundacion Givre” at Buenos Aires, Argentina and “Gabriela Mistral” at Santiago, Chile. In 2014 she received and award at the competition 'Love letters' in Cuba. The story Carmen y Cuba has been published at iTunes. 

Avance Trilogy 'La maraton del Amor'

2. jul, 2019

Women, love, life and death

In May 2019, I published some chapters of the trilogy in the book 'Avance La maraton del amor' to give readers a quick impression on how different are the three main characters of the roman.
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