New publications 2018

31. okt, 2018


A novella inserted in the 'Mee too' perspective. Women and resilience to confront and prevail to family violence and sexual abuse.

31. okt, 2018

Seven of 43 publications, now available in 5 languages.

Short stories Anthology, April 2016. 7 short stories having as location: United Kingdom, Peru, Germany, Spain and France were included in this Anthology.

17 of my 43 publications. In 2017 I published 5 stories in French version and also a compilation "Femmes, Amour & Passion"

14 of my 43 publications. My stories are now published in: Spanish, English, Dutch, French and Hindi.

Editor work: Anthology 'Eros en America' -Spanish

The work of seven Latin American writers formed the Antohology. Passion, love and eros were the focus of authors from Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Brasil. Nuria Garcia Arteaga represented Peru. This was her 2nd publication as Editor.   

'TURI LAMNGEN' Antologia para la Paz: Peru-Chile

30. mrt, 2018

3a publicacion como Editora

8 poets and prosa writers from Peru & Chile contributed to this Anthology. The proces was an enriching experience.

29. apr, 2017

French Anthology 'Femmes, Amour et Passion'

In this publication the song 'Jardin d'hiver' performed by the writer forms the epilogue of the French version of 'Carmen et Cuba'

30. jul, 2017

Feria de Libros de Lima - FIL

After participating at the Book Fair of London in 2014, Los Angeles Times book fair in 2015, the Feria del Libro de Lima was totally new experience.
What made it different was the opportunity to go back to my roots, enjoy the weather, the people/music/dance and the food !! See diashow :-)

30. apr, 2018

New Publications 2018

- 'Catarsis de emociones' is a collection of poems I wrote the last years. It will be published before the Summer.
- 'Bastarda' is a short roman -Novella- now being edited-
- The third part of the Trilogy 'La maraton del amor' is now ready. The last volume 'De sol y de luna' will surprise readers because it has a different style than volume I 'Entre garua y odio' and volume II ''Menkori".

12. apr, 2018

Audio Book 'Carmen and Cuba'

The collaboration of Smashwords with Findaway Voices makes possible that the English version of this short story will soon reach readers/listeners. The audiobooks is a music-audio book. The background is a classic version of Danzon 2 composed by Arturo Marquez, Mexico.


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